Campus Facilities

Calwell High School provides excellent facilities for teaching and learning in all specialist areas including our industry standard Performing Arts Centre. Our campus is surrounded by spacious green areas and is built and landscaped over a single level to consider accessibility for all. The school prioritises providing facilities for teaching, learning and community events.

Information and Communication Technologies

Calwell High School is committed to supporting and developing students academically, socially and emotionally. We are dedicated to providing students access to information and communication technologies that reflect the technologies used in academic and industry settings. It is of great importance that the school operates in partnership with families, and that we work together to achieve the best outcomes possible for your child. These commitments guide all of our decision-making, planning and implementation of technology in our school.

We have an extensive wireless network throughout the school that allows flexible use o f a range of devices for learning. Many of our classrooms include Interactive Whiteboards, Desktop Computers and Smart Digital Displays. The school provides specialised computer labs for Media and Design as well as a large Flexible Learning Area with desktop computers in the library.

In 2015 the school saw the building and completion of a new specialized Flexible Learning Area which has allowed for innovative  teaching and learning programs with devices for up to 50 students at a time.

Personal Electronic Device (PED) Program

In 2015 Calwell High School introduced a Personal Electronic Device (PED), formally known as a Bring Your Own Device, program for students.

Students are strongly encouraged to register and bring in devices to school. Teachers present flexible learning programs that allow students to utilise a variety of ways of learning and demonstrating their understanding using technology.

Our PED program is supported by our use of G Suite (formally known as Google Apps for Education) and Microsoft 365. With these programs each student has access to a full range of Google Apps with a school based account and they can access Microsoft 365 which allows them to install Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices for free.

All students who access ICT at CHS need to read through our ICT Guidelines and BYOD Guidelines with their parent/guardian and then complete the associated agreements.

To gain access to Google Apps for Educational and Microsoft 365 students need to have completed their IT Privacy Permissions for and their Microsoft 365 Permissions form so their account can be provisioned by the school.

If you have any questions about PEDs for your child please contact stacey.griffiths@ed.act.edu.au.

Theatre Facilities

Our state of the art Calwell Performing Arts Centre includes a contemporary theatre space which seats 360 patrons. The theatre features a professional lighting rig, a cyc, specialised dance flooring and fully functional theatre black curtains (wings and front). The adjacent theatre foyer, courtyard and as-new bathrooms make the Calwell Performing Arts Centre the ideal venue for many school and community events.

The accompanying rehearsal rooms provide the best possible facilities for teaching and learning in dance, drama and music. All dance rehearsal rooms feature full length mirrors and specialised dance flooring.



On site students have access to a full size gymnasium, 4 outdoor basketball courts, 4 outdoor tennis courts and a large grassed oval for football and cricket. The school campus is adjacent to Calwell playing fields which include a variety of fields for football, soccer and netball.

The Information Resource Centre

Our school's spacious and recently renovated library is a centre for learning, collaboration and a variety of extra-curricular programs. The Library houses our fiction and non-fiction literature and includes learning spaces for classes and groups, as well as a range of computers for students to use.

Technology Workshop

The technology workshop is a spacious professionally equipped working area that allows students to develop outstanding skills and understandings across wood, metal and plastics technology design and construction. Students have access to a variety of tools and equipment including lathes and welding equipment.

Food Technology

Our food technology students are fortunate to be able to enjoy the use of two fully equipped kitchens with six group cooking areas in each room. One of the rooms features a state of the art teacher's demonstration area which allows teachers to demonstrate the most out-to-date techniques and recipes.

The second room is fully set up as with commercial kitchen equipment and allows us to offer Hospitality and Catering VET courses for senior students in an environment which is at industry standards.

Grounds and Gardens

The school is situated on beautiful sprawling grounds with plenty of open space for students to enjoy. The front of the school provides a convenient drop off and pick up area with landscaped gardens and outdoor seating areas; while the inner courtyard area is a fantastic outdoor learning area and is perfect for school events.

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