Health and Physical Education


The Physical Education course at Calwell High School aims to provide students with lifelong approaches to a healthy lifestyle. Students benefit from the Health Curriculum because it provides them with the skills and knowledge to recognise the need to make responsible and informed decisions about their personal health.

Students improve their decision-making and problem solving skills within physical activity and sport related areas. They are encouraged to accept responsibility for their own decisions and actions, to develop self-respect, self-discipline and tolerance towards others.

Participation in a variety of sports enables the development of basic competence and enjoyment in a range of physical activities. The content of the Health Curriculum challenges student thinking and creativity. It is strategically sequenced to be relevant and meet the needs of student learning as they progress through their adolescent years.


Semester One

Semester Two

Year 7

Health Promotion
Growth & Development

Safety and Decision Making

Year 8

Drugs & Alcohol
Party Safe

Mental Health
First Aid
Sexuality & Sexual Health

Year 9 & 10

Health Issues
Drugs and Alcohol

Life Balance
Sexuality and Relationships

Years 9 and 10 are offered a variety of electives for PE, including:

PE classes at Calwell High School are taught in a fully integrated manner with 30% theory and 70% practical lessons.