Assessment in Science and Technology (Food, Textiles and Digital Technologies)

The Science and Technology team is committed to supporting students in demonstrating their learning in multiple ways. We use a wide range of assessment strategies designed to give us an ongoing picture of your child's progress.

To help support students in managing their workload and keeping track of summative assessment items we have a term long assessment schedule. This outlines when all assessment tasks are due for each Science / Technology course.

You can support your child by ensuring that they submit all tasks by the due date given on this sheet. All tasks are available through your child's Google Classroom. If you cannot access this platform, cannot find something or have a question please call or email the KLA Executive teacher, Jennifer O'Donoghue, on 6142 1930 or jennifer.o'

At Calwell High School all students have the opportunity to study and explore Technology. Technologies enrich and impact the lives of people and societies globally. Design Technology, Food Technology and Digital Technology are investigated through a large and varied selection of courses and electives. Our highly trained Technology staff ensures that all students benefit from learning about and working with traditional, contemporary and emerging technologies that shape the world in which they live. This important learning area provides opportunities for students to apply practical skills and processes when using technologies and resources to create innovative solutions that meet current and future needs.

Year 7

Currently Year 7 students rotate through subjects in term-long units. These subjects are Design Technology, Food Technologies, Woodwork and Digital Technologies (Coding). They are designed to give students an introduction to the subjects and allow for informed future elective choices.

Year 8

Students in Year 8 access their Technology as term units. These subjects aim to build upon their learning from the Year 7 introductory courses or introduce new learning areas. The units include: Food Technology, Textiles, Metal Design and Digital Technologies (Robotics).

Year 9/10 Elective Program

The senior elective program is broad and varied to accommodate student interests. The courses on offer include:

Design and Technology

Gaming Programming
3D Animation and Printing
Website Design

Design and Industrial Technology

Introduction/ Advanced Wood Working
Introduction/ Advanced Metal Design
School and Community Projects

Food Technology

Paddock to Plate
Multicultural Foods
Year 9/10 Food
Introduction/Advanced Catering and Hospitality
Working toward a Certificate I in Hospitality (SIT10213) or Certificate II in Hospitality (SIT20316).

2 students on laptop