Enrolling/Transferring - ACT Public Schools

Visit the Education website at www.education.act.gov.au for more information and to enrol using the online enrolment form

Parents/carers are welcome to apply to enrol/transfer their child at any time during the school year using an online application form. Full details are available from the Education website.

Enrolment at Calwell High School

A change was made to shift all enrolment at ACT government schools to an online service via the ACT Education and Training website. Computer access is available at Calwell High School to assist families without internet access.

Enrolment Process

All students who wish to transfer and enrol at Calwell High School will need to attend an enrolment interview with the school principal with their parent or guardian.

To arrange an enrolment interview for your student please contact Calwell High School.

Enrolment Forms

Parents/carers can complete an online application. The online application once submitted is emailed to your school preference. The nominated school will notify you whether your application has been provisionally accepted and the next steps to enrol your child at the school Online Enrolment Form. Privacy Statement

Parents and Carers are invited to contact us to make an appointment to discuss the enrolment of their child.

Additional Required Forms and Information

In addition to the relevant enrolment form each student must have the following forms completed and returned to the school on enrolment.

Please collect these forms from the front office at Calwell High School.

Photo/Video Permission Form

Procedures for Placement of Students in Year 7 in ACT Secondary Schools

These guidelines for secondary school placement, reflects the Education Participation (Enrolment and Attendance) policy and the Enrolment in ACT Public Schools (Early Childhood Schools-Year 12) procedures. They have been written to provide information specifically for prospective students entering year 7.  It also provides the timeline for prospective placement for the school year.

Students must complete the Request for Secondary Placement form located on the ACT Education and Training Website ( www.det.act.gov.au) under School Education/ Enrolling in an ACT Public School. The form is to be returned to the school which is your first preference.

Placements are accepted for ACT and NSW residents.

Criteria for Placement:

Students are prioritised for placement using the following criteria, listed in order of importance:

ACT students may apply for an out-of-area secondary school placement. In doing so it is important to give a full rationale for the request ensuring that the claims address the criteria for placement as detailed above.  If your application for an out of area school enrolment is unsuccessful, you will be guaranteed enrolment at your Priority Placement Area secondary school according to your residential address.

ACT residents have priority for enrolment in ACT public schools. Parents of students residing in NSW cannot assume enrolment rights for their children at their preferred schools.

Where demand for places at a particular school exceeds available places, applications from NSW students for placement in these schools will not be considered. In these circumstances NSW students will be offered a place in another ACT secondary school.

Appeals Process

An applicant has the right to lodge an appeal if his/her placement is unsuccessful.  The appeals panel will be composed of:

The appeals panel will only consider the grounds expressed on the original application. Applicants may elaborate on these grounds but the appeals panel will not consider additional ground, unless these can be shown to have altered since the original application. The decision of this panel is final.

Priority Placement Area

Each ACT public school gives priority to the enrolment of children living in its Priority Placement Area (PPA). ACT public schools are non-selective. If a school has capacity available after placing all students from its PPA and making appropriate provisions for students who move into the PPA during the year and for future growth, it may be able to offer places to students who live outside the PPA.

For any out of area placements, families will need to contact the school of their choice for placement details and to discuss the availability of placement with the school principal. In general, under the Placement Policy, school boards determine their own priorities for accepting out of area placements. Due to capacity constraints, some schools cannot accept out of area placements.

Primary school PPAs apply to Preschool to Year 6 placements. Out of area placement at a primary school that is located in a high school's PPA does not guarantee placement at that high school. Similarly, out of area placement in a high school that is located in a college's PPA does not guarantee placement at that college.

Calwell High School's Priority Placement Area can be seen in the map below (area shaded pink).

Map of the Calwell High School PPA

A detailed map of PPAs can be found on the Allhomes website.

Instructions for using the Allhomes map tool:

  1. Scroll down the screen until you get to the options section.
  2. Select 'ACT Public School Zones'
  3. Select one of 'Primary Schools', 'High Schools' or 'Colleges'. This will bring up a new layer on the map.

Zoom in and out of the map using your mouse or blue arrows on the left.

Further assistance

If you require further assistance or clarification on the enrolment criteria and process please contact the ACT Education and Training Directorate.




Secondary (High) Schools: 6205 5429