Assessment in Science and Technology

The Science and Technology team is committed to supporting students in demonstrating their learning in multiple ways. We use a wide range of assessment strategies designed to give us an ongoing picture of your child's progress.

You can support your child by ensuring that they submit all tasks by the due date given on their assessment information sheets or on Google Classroom. If you cannot access Google Classroom, cannot find something or have a question please call or email the KLA Executive teacher, Jennifer O'Donoghue, on 6142 1951 or jennifer.o'

Through the study of Science, students develop knowledge, understanding and skills to explain and make sense of their world, so they can make responsible decisions as individuals and as part of their community.

We teach the students to think scientifically and apply investigative, problem solving and communication skills.
The student’s learning is supported by an extensive program of experiments, information technology, excursions and guest speakers. Students explore scientific concepts and processes in topics based on the four sub-strands of the Science Understandings: biological, chemical, physical and earth and space sciences.

Students develop critical and creative thinking skills and challenge themselves to design and implement scientific methods to collect and analyse data. Students explore the practices used to develop scientific knowledge and its contribution to our culture and society.

Science Topics

Year 7

Introduction to Science
Mixtures and Solutions
Forces and Simple Machines
Escape from Planet Earth
Australian Ecosystems

Year 8

Rock Cycle
Household Chemistry
Building Blocks of Life

Year 9

Individual Research Project
Chemical Reactions
Earth and Plate Tectonics
Nervous System
Energy — Light and Sound

Year 10

Individual Research Project
Forces and Motion
Genetics and Evolution
Earth and Space

Calwell High Students in science