Our Leadership Team

A message from the PrincipalPhoto of principal Megan Altenburg

Dear Parents and Carers

Great secondary education accepts that students are not yet fully formed, that they need room to grow, change and adapt. Our school provides quality educational programs for students in years 7-10 that take these elements into account. We are proud of our academic, sporting and artistic excellence and we are committed to encouraging students by nurturing positive self-esteem that values personal achievement. Excellence is a standard we set for ourselves at Calwell High School.

We ask each of our students to develop their strengths, ambitions and hopes, and to be responsible and caring citizens who have confidence in their capacity to make a difference in our society. We nurture our students to care for each other. We are proud that they belong to a community that values commitment, achievement, integrity and service.

With a rich and diverse curriculum, a resilience-building Pastoral Care Program and many co-curricular opportunities, no two days are identical at Calwell. No two students’ experiences will be the same. Everything we do at Calwell counts. Our focus on access to quality learning, aspirations and achievement, reflects our firm belief in the quality of our young men and women.
Our Quest Leadership Program fosters student involvement in school governance and decision making while developing student leadership potential. It includes community service, encouraging students to not only be academically talented but also to share their skills with the wider community.

Our Wellbeing and Pastoral program activities are a focus of our school. By providing a caring learning community for all students, Calwell High School can promote the values of: Courage, Respect, Self-Discipline and Achievement
We value our relationship with parents and the community and have a strong school board and Parents & Citizens (P & C) group. The P&C work hard to create opportunities to involve all of our families in the life of our school. I look forward to meeting you, and I am certain you will be impressed by the excellence of our warm and caring environment and dedicated staff.

Megan Altenburg


Principal: Megan Altenburg

Deputy Principal: Natalie Dickie

Deputy Principal: Patricia Marton

Business Manager: Elissa East

Wellbeing SOG: Michael Hilton, SLC:  Kellie Williams, Lyndsey Houghton

Flexible Education :  Patricia Marton

Science, Technology (Food and Digital Tech), ICT SLC: Jennifer O'Donoghue

Maths & PE SLC: Steven Deans

Arts and Technology (Metal/Wood and Digital Media): Deb Walkenhorst

English and Social Sciences SLC: Jodi Adams

Learning Support and Inclusion SLC: Erin Smith

Year 7 Advisor: Ujala Rao

Year 8 Advisor: Kieran Sibley

Year 9 Advisor: Nicole Tamalemai

Year 10 Advisor: Renee Rapson