Studies of Society and the Environment


Studies of Society and the Environment (SoSE) is an exciting and challenging learning area.  At Calwell High School, SoSE incorporates the disciplines of History, Geography, Civics & Citizenship, Economics and Business Studies.  It primarily involves the study of people, as social beings, as they interact with one another, with the natural and social environment, and in various places throughout time.

During semester 1, all students study the History Curriculum as set out by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). This is as follows:

Year 7 – The Ancient World (60 000 bce to 650 ce)
Year 8 – The Ancient to the Modern world (650 ce to 1750 ce)
Year 9 – The Making of the Modern World (1750 ce to 1918 ce)
Year 10 – The Modern World and Australia (1918 ce to today)

In semester 2, the other major topics in SoSE are delivered. This includes:

Year 7:  Introduction to Geography and Civics and Citizenship
Year 8: Law, Politics and Crime; Geography (geospatial skills)
Year 9: Geography (advanced geo-spatial skills)
Year 10: Business Studies, Civics and Citizenship and Geography (agents of environmental change)

Students studying SoSE or its related disciplines will develop particular skills, such as:

student working on the computer


Students studying SoSE are assessed in a range of different ways to give students the opportunity to achieve success meet the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards.  Assessment items may include:

  • Research/project work
  • Tests
  • Creative production
  • Oral presentation
  • Group work
  • Essays
  • Film study
  • Reports
  • Posters