Calwell High School Special Purpose Review

Calwell High School Special Purpose Review finalised

The Education Directorate have completed the Special Purpose Review of our school.

The review considered four key themes:

Thank you to all students, staff, parents and carers who shared their views and experiences with the review team. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide input.

The review team has made a number of recommendations for improvement across wellbeing and teaching programs at our school.

The review team’s recommendations will now form part of an action plan for the school.

The Directorate and our school are committed to developing and implementing this action plan as quickly as we can. Parents, carers and our students will shortly be invited to participate in this process.

These changes will require sustained effort from the Directorate, school staff and students over a number of school years. As work to implement the recommendations progresses, we will keep you up to date.

You can now read the full report online.  


Your feedback about our school is always welcome and encouraged. If you have ideas or concerns you would like to share, please reach out to us by email, or contact the front office and make an appointment to speak with our school leadership.