We encourage students to develop strong mathematical thinking so they can appreciate Mathematics as an essential and relevant part of life. Through inquiry, problem solving, reasoning and reflection, the students undertake creative and challenging study.

Our Mathematics courses have been developed through consultation with feeder primary schools and the college sector. They are consistent with the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.  All students are provided with a wide range of opportunities to succeed and excel in Mathematics.

All students are placed into classes of mixed ability. Middle Years Mental Computations and QuickSmart are programs currently in place to support students in the development of skills and methods.

The Mathematics program focuses on students developing mathematical reasoning and higher order thinking. Students successfully completing the Calwell program will be well prepared for College and future study or vocational roles.  All students are encouraged to participate in national events, such as the Australian Mathematics Competition.

At Calwell, we recognise the need for self-paced learning in Mathematics and the advantages this brings when working beyond the pace of the class. A Mathletics licence is held for each student at Calwell which can be accessed at home and students are encouraged to  utilise online resources such as the Khan Academy to assist in the clarification of concepts and skills.

Mathematics address the needs of our students to be confident in the use of skills and processes and to be willing to apply these to a wide and increasing range of problem solving situations.

We encourage all students to recognise the contribution of Mathematics and Numeracy to their daily lives and to set themselves high goals in this area to support future career paths. On Mondays, after- school Mathematics tutoring (by appointment) is offered to all students who may require further support in their learning.