At Calwell High School our students strive to achieve outstanding academic success. We recognise that a quality education incorporates academic success, health and wellbeing,

Our students become resilient, conīŦdent and successful learners who go on to further education equipped with the skills to succeed as independent learners.

Our students thrive in a dynamic environment with likeminded and talented peers. The students achieve academic excellence through sharing a passion for learning.

We offer a diverse curriculum in traditional and innovative disciplines, giving every student the greatest opportunity to study subjects that they enjoy.  At Calwell High School we focus on the integration of Information Technology across all subject areas. Technology enhances the quality of teaching and learning for our students and the school delivers a wide range of innovative programs and services to both students and teachers.

In an increasingly complex and global world, literacy and numeracy are key skills and are an important focus at Calwell High School. Literacy and numeracy topics are addressed in each subject area so that appropriate skills are developed and applied.

Our goal is to make Calwell High School one of the top performing schools in the Australian Capital Territory. We are proudly building a tradition of achievement and success at the school where every student is valued for the individual gifts they bring to their own learning.

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