Leadership Programs

QUEST Program

Quest is Calwell High School's student leadership program, which offers a challenging course to a select group of Year 10 students. Quest leaders also have an important responsibility in acting as positive role models for students from all year levels. These student leaders are respected and approachable, offering an added level of support to their peers, particularly in dealing with some of the challenges of first entering high school. Furthermore, the Quest Leaders are responsible for running fortnightly sessions with Year 7 students to aid their transition into high school and life as a teenager.

Year 10 students selected to participate in Quest undertake a challenging program to build their capacity as leaders. This course includes three main elements: planning and running fortnightly sessions with Year 7 students, considering core elements of leadership theory and designing and implementing a leadership project. The leadership project component guides students to plan and implement their own initiatives in the school or community. In the past, Quest students have come up with some sensational and diverse ideas including new educational programs, entertainment and fundraising events, homework clubs, sporting activities and many other great new initiatives.

This Quest program aims to not only build the skills and capacities of our student leaders, it also strives to provide extra support for all students at Calwell High School by developing a positive school culture, enabling junior students to build positive relationships and seek advice from their senior peers.

TEAM - Boys' education that works

Students working 

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Calwell High School is dedicated towards achieving high-level outcomes for all students. 

The TEAM program has been created and implemented to cater to the individual learning needs of boys who have been identified as highly capable with potential leadership ability.  The curriculum offers a broad range of support including extension for those students who require additional or alternative study.

The program seeks to promote the development of literacy and numeracy skills, promote personal development, connect students to the curriculum and promote greater academic and social outcomes.  TEAM encourages individual development in a team-like setting; promotes a sense of ownership amongst the class; and provides all members with opportunities to develop and assume leadership roles within our school and community.

A focus of the program is around the development of individual leadership skills and achieving at high levels.  The program is delivered by Teacher Mentors who have the class for two lines and are able to work with the boys in a comprehensive and committed manner over the course of the year.

Choreography Class

The Choreography class is a leadership class for which students submit an application. Student's in this class gain valuable project management, collaboration and leadership experience.

Students learn about choreographic concepts in dance from the basics of time, space, form, style and relationship to more complex choreographic devices. Students turn this theory into practice, creating dance works for the Step Into the Limelight, Youth Dance Festival and other events. Students also continue to develop their dance technique and skills in a variety of styles that relate directly to their dance and healthy theory.

Talented Sports Program

The Talented Sports Program (TSP) is designed to provide students, who excel in sports or wish to pursue a career in sports, the opportunity to extend and learn new skills in a combined academic and sporting framework. The Program facilitates like-minded students to participate at a higher standard and in a more competitive environment during activities in classes. The TSP Program enables students to hone special talents and provides them with the opportunity to achieve both their academic and sporting goals. The program will incorporate elements of coaching, leadership, training programs, nutrition and sports administration.

Students enrolling in the Talented Sports Program must have demonstrated high standards in attitude, work habits and academic achievement in their previous PE courses.

Catering and Hospitality 2 Course

This course provides students with a progression of work and an extension of knowledge and skills into the Catering and Hospitality industry; primarily the service of foods and beverages within the Hospitality Industry. Students further progress their practical skills in coffee making and the preparation of foods for specific functions and events taking place in school grounds or other locations. In this practical activities and during the course of the semester students organize and direct other class members, which promotes natural leadership, organization and time management. Students are encouraged to constantly communicate  with others and represent the school in broader school/ community events. Students also learn to provide high quality of food preparation and presentation skills.