The study of English at Calwell High School is creative, exciting and intellectually inspiring. Including studies in classical and contemporary literature and film, students develop skills to experiment with ideas and expression. We offer a range of opportunities for the students to learn about the power, value and art of the English language for communication, knowledge and pleasure. Debating and public speaking are integral to the course of study. With the confidence to address an audience a critical skill for the future.

Driving Themes

The English Curriculum at Calwell High School is based around driving themes throughout the year. Choice of texts are guided by this, but not controlled by it. Students complete four main units over the course of the year, one each term. Occasional smaller units will also be interspersed. In all cases English is a year long course. All units explore the three domains of the Australian Curriculum; Literacy, Literature and Language, with the content descriptors guiding the content selection. These units are being designed to incorporate the Scaffolding Literacy approach with the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards at their core.
All teachers follow a set program that appropriately provides a sequence of learning for all students through years 7 to 10. The units are designed to build from their learning in primary school and develop their skills to ensure preparation for college.
Each year program is developed to ensure that all students are supported through the foundations of literacy, with a strong focus on spelling, grammar and punctuation, which is embedded within each unit. All units provide students with opportunities to develop their skills in the major skills sets of English: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
Teachers of English consistently reflect on the current units, as well as develop new units of work, to ensure the faculty is providing a dynamic and needs appropriate curriculum for our students. We encourage students to extend themselves by taking the opportunity to participate in academic competitions for English such as: the ICAS competitions in Writing and Spelling; Lit Links; MSReadathon; Prime Minister’s Reading Challenge; poetry and writing competitions.

EAL/D Support

English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) is the study of English by students whose first language is a language or dialect other than English, and who require focused educational support to assist them in attaining proficiency in Standard Australian English. Calwell High School can offer this program of support for students from numerous backgrounds. We have a specialised teacher to assist with providing additional support as needed.