School Uniform

3 Mannequins in UniformOur school uniform is important to us. Our uniform policy is endorsed by the School Board, supported by the P&C and is something we try very hard to uphold as an important aspect of the school culture.

The wearing of uniform unites our student community as a whole group - in much the same way as a sporting team. It says who we are, what we believe in and where we come from. The uniform also provides added security for our students as well as for our teaching staff, who have duty of care responsibility.

As of publication, the current uniform is as follows:

Girls All Seasons

Polo: Red/White Panels + Embroidered
Blouse: White PV with Red Trim & Embroidered
Skirt: Black/Red/Grey with Pleats
Slacks: Black

Leggings - Black

Jacket: Black/Red/White Microfibre & Embroidered
Pullover: Red with Embroidered

Girls Sports

Shirt: Plain Red T-Shirt 
Shorts: Black 
Trackpants: Black 

Boys All Seasons

Shirt: White S/S Delux Red Piping & Embroidered
Polo: Red/White Panel + Embroidered
Shorts: Black 
Trousers: Black College Long Baggies
Pullover: Red with Embroidered
Jacket: Black/Red/White Microfibre & Embroidered 

Boys Sports

Shirt: Plain Red T-Shirt 
Shorts: Black 
Trackpants: Black 

The following items are available from Workin’Gear Schools

The uniform policy is based on the following principles:

Student security at school - intruders are easily noticed.
Attitude to study - assists students to remember that school is primarily a place for work and learning. Students must come dressed to school as a student to be a student.
Safety and accountability outside school - students are easily identifiable on excursions and when travelling to and from school.
Student unity - helps to develop a school spirit and culture; facilitates a positive image in the community.
Expense and equity - reduces pressure to buy brand/label clothing and does not go out of fashion in a couple of months.

New uniform options

In September 2015, at the request of students and parents we undertook a review of our uniform. The major change was the black polo top was replaced with a new red and white polo. New items were added to the range. Student surveys and parent forums took place and by the end of September 2015 it was agreed that the black polo would be slowly phased out of the uniform package and a number of other options introduced. These included a woollen jumper, cool white shirt and the option of a tartan skirt. The red polo shifted from an item for sports to a more universal item.  Apart from the black polo top, all other items would remain.

The move away from the black polo was a concern for some families of students in their final years at the school as they had already invested in a number of black polo tops and didn't want to change.  At Calwell High School, we are all about supporting our families. At the time the following was made clear:

The question of leggings came up in October 2016. They were originally never included in the uniform and did not appear as an option that was requested in the 2015 surveys. Students, especially those engaged in our dance curriculum have expressed a desire to have them included for 2017. A branded pair of leggings is being explored with our uniform supplier to make purchasing this item easier. While this is being explored, all leggings are acceptable for the remainder of 2016 as long as they are in keeping with the uniform and are black in colour.

A couple of new additions are also being explored for 2017 by our P&C and School Board - this includes track pants (unisex) that have the school logo and a new soft shell jacket that can add extra warmth in the cooler terms.

Shirts and jumpers for special programs continue to be supported as part of the uniform - these include the Year 10 jumper, TEAM shirts and Lift Shirts and jumpers. Dance and camp shirts are also supported.

We believe strongly in providing a range of choice and a number of options for our students and families - the range of options for students is very clear and provides each student with abundant opportunities to wear uniform yet also retain a level of choice and individuality.