Transition to Year 7

Try Calwell High for a Day is an opportunity for our local primary students to experience our high school. They enjoy trialing our learning and teaching. For many the reality of PE in a large scale gymnasium, Art in art studio space, Cooking in real kitchens or Woodwork in a workspace is a young learner's dream come true. We provide this fun and rewarding experience to the primary student early on in their transition process in order for them to gain positive connections and expectations for the year to come.

Open Night is when we showcase our school to the public. Everyone is welcome to walk around the unique learning spaces, interact with the subjects we offer and mostly importantly meet the teachers that make up our school atmosphere. All learning faculties offer enriching displays to help visualise what students learn and create while in their classes.

Year 6 Disco is another chance for the incoming primary students to grow comfortable in our high schooling context. It's a great opportunity to meet and build relationships with students and teacher.

Year 7 Camp

After a few weeks of Term 1, all year 7 students are encouraged to take a break from their classrooms and regular weekly timetables in order to make the most of Year 7 Camp. Usually, this is the rewarding time in which our Year 7s grow into recognising what it really means to be a high school student.

Important Dates

Try Calwell High for a Day in early Term 2

Open Night in early Term 2

Year 6 Disco in late Term 3

Year 7 Camp mid Term 1