Student Services

Calwell High School launched the Aspire program as part of the 2009 curriculum. This program addresses current health and wellbeing concerns affecting adolescents, families and our community.

In late 2007, the ACT Government recognised the need to implement Pastoral Care into all ACT high schools. As part of a new initiative, each school was allocated a Pastoral Care Executive Teacher to ensure that the concerns of parents, students and the community were addressed and in order to build social capital, encourage the engagement of students and build resilience in young people.

Calwell High School recognises the need to ensure this occurs, and the benefits it has for all concerned.  As a result, the Aspire program has been created and implemented across the entire school.

The program has been created in a manner that allows for the delivery of lessons addressing a wide variety of concerns ranging from mental health, study and organisational skills, service learning and values in education. It addresses current Essential Learning Achievements (ELAs) that all ACT students are required to achieve at each stage of development.

The Aspire team works directly with staff, students and families. It is one half of a holistic approach towards student support and works in conjunction with Student Services to ensure the best outcomes for all stakeholders in a student's life. These will include academic, social and physical outcomes.

Students are referred either directly through the Executive of Student Services, Year Advisors or classroom teachers. In addition, teachers can contact a team member directly with any concern they have about a student.

Examples of what the team does include: obtaining academic support for students with behavioural or academic concerns, securing external placements for students at risk, liaising with external agencies in order to secure support for students and their caregivers, working with teachers to develop and implement educational programs aimed at achieving Health and Wellbeing ELAs.

The lessons will be delivered during normal class time, with tutor teachers allocated to classes in order to build relationships and connections for students and teachers. Aspire lessons will be held each week for one hour in combined tutor groups. While the Aspire curriculum occurs during class time, no learning area is disadvantaged for more than two lessons in one semester. In addition, literacy and numeracy are addressed through the sessions in addition to the other topics listed.

Your support towards this program is greatly appreciated.