Student Procedures

Learning, Safety and Respect

Student management at Calwell High School aims to assist all students to coexist in harmony with other members of their community. Certain expectations are outlined in the Calwell High School Student Agreement which each student and their parents/carers are asked to sign in recognition of their support of the Student Behaviour and Management Policy.

Student Procedures


Tutor Classes

Each student belongs to a tutor class which they attend each morning in the first period of the daily timetable. The tutor time is used to mark morning attendance, hand out information and organise school wide activities.

Arriving Late

Students who are late to school and miss Tutor Group should report to the Rolls Office with a late note.

Leaving Early

Students are able to sign out after verification from either the Front Office staff or Student Welfare Office. They will either have a note or contact will be made with a parent or carer.


Parent/Guardian will be contacted Students who truant class will need to arrange with their teacher a suitable time to catch up on work missed (lunch or after school)

Bicycles, skateboards, scooters

Bicycles should be locked within the fenced bicycle area. Access is available before and after school at specific times.

Skateboards and scooters: it is preferred that these items are not brought to school. If brought to school they are to be stored in the Scooter Room before Tutor Group and to be collected only after school. No Skateboards, scooters, or similar items are to be used on school grounds during the day.

Contact Details

If students change address, or if phone numbers of parents or carers change, please contact the Front Office so that our records can be updated. This is very important, particularly in the case of emergencies.


Excursions are planned by teachers and faculties to compliment and enhance classroom learning in units and courses.

Students are expected to attend excursions when possible.

Students must return required payment, permission notes and medical information and consent forms by the required due date in orded to particpate in the excursion.

First Aid

If a student feels ill or suffers an injury at school then he/she should let the classroom teacher (or the teacher on playground duty) know. The student will then go to the Front Office to receive treatment and a parent or carer will be notified if necessary. Front office staff will escort the student to sick bay if appropriate.

Loan of Calwell High School Property

We expect that a student who borrows CHS property to be responsible for its safe return or payment for repair or replacement in the event of abuse or loss.

Lost Property

Students are responsible for their property at school. All items should be labelled clearly. Lost property is handed in to the Front Office. Students may make enquiries at the counter.


Mid way through each term, each student receives a progress report which indicates their progress against the outcomes of the course. These reports show a students progress as against set criteria for each course and do not contain detailed comments.

The end of semester reports (at end of term 2 and 4) are a summation of the learning and what the student has achieved over the course of the semester. The end of semester reports contain detailed, individual comments and are accompanied by a grade.

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