Careers and Work Experience

Calwell High School sees Careers Education as a vital component of its program, and takes every opportunity to assist students in preparing plans for further study and/or work after completing Year 10.

The Year 10 Aspire program guides students in completing their Pathways Plan for transition to college and the workplace. During Year 10 students complete a comprehensive unit of work in SOSE with a Careers focus.  

Work Experience itself is invaluable and the reports students take away with them assist in the search for employment and training positions.  Many students are offered apprenticeships or employment as a direct result of Work Experience. 

Students have access to a qualified Careers' Counsellor and a Careers room rich in resources to assist in the information gathering process.  Senior students receive individual Careers counselling to assist them in planning appropriate pathways beyond Year 10.

Students are encouraged to attend work experience on at least once before they leave school. The School has access to an extensive database of host organisations which facilitates placement of students in industries suited to their interests and skills. Students are placed with the hosts of their choice at a mutually convenient time. This is a special feature of the School's Work Experience program as it enables students to be placed with hosts which are their first preference.