Positive Behaviours Framework and School Values

Calwell High School is strongly committed to the further development and implementation of a Positive Behaviour Framework. The framework underpins the core school values, teaching and learning practices and wellbeing. It was developed in a holistic manner and has a commitment of wellbeing for all at its core.

The framework supports staff, students and families to:

  • acknowledge the importance of wellbeing to the learning process
  • develop a rich school culture and positive ethos that creates a sense of belonging and self-responsibility, leading to positive behaviour, improved student attendance and achievement
  • embed personal and social capabilities within the general curriculum
  • improve educational outcomes for all students.

A Positive Behaviour Framework seeks to establish clear school values, develop curriculum that is engaging and authentic, and focuses on wellbeing for all. The establishment and clear articulation of School Values informs every action, interaction and reaction within  the school community.

At our school, we are committed to the development student voice, and to acknowledging the views of our families and community. As a result, during 2014, the School Values were reviewed in order to ensure that those selected were authentic in nature and organically developed though student voice. Our values have been developed through collaboration and are shared by our students, families and wider community with the understanding that no value is more important than the other, but each of equal significance.

Each value is allocated to a house. Students are currently collaborating to allocate Ambassadors for their houses that each will be named.

The Values of Calwell High School are:
calwell high values 
Each is clearly articulated, explicitly taught, modelled and displayed throughout the school. We celebrate the achievements of our students through acknowledging the values that they embody. We focus on the positive actions of our community and reinforce those behaviours that contribute towards creating a safe, supportive learning community.

The rewards system of Calwell High seeks to further embed the values with coloured wrist bands given to rewards students. Each wrist band is the colour of a house and has the value allocated to the house printed on it. Teachers reward students displaying outstanding examples of value driven behaviour through gifting them with a wrist band of the colour. When a student receives all four colours, they receive a plain blue band with 'Values Champion' on it. In addition, these students are placed on a honour roll and offered the opportunity to attend a special activities day once per semester.