School Hours, Timetable and Term Dates

School Hours

School Day Start8.55am
Break 110.55am - 11.30am
Break 21.30pm - 2.05pm
School Day Finish3.05pm


Classes at Calwell High School are organised under a weekly timetable. There are five lesson periods each day. Lessons are on average one hour, though there are shorter and longer periods designed to give time for practical subjects.  The student's day begins with tutor group where attendance is marked and important school information distributed.

Students take part in five core classes (English, SOSE, Maths, Science and PE or Dance) as well as two electives of their own choice. In addition students also take part in our Aspire Pastoral Care program once a fortnight.

A period each Thursday afternoon is dedicated to a student selected enrichment line.

A copy of our timetable and a map of the school is located at the rear of this prospectus, though additional copies are available at the school front office.

At Calwell each subject studied by students takes place on a timetable line. While the timetable below looks complicated it ensures that each subject has the same allocation of time. Subjects with a practical focus have been timetabled to occur during period two, a longer lesson that will allow greater depth of learning to take place. More academic subjects are spread over 4 shorter periods a week to provide consistent contact.

8:55 amTutorTutorTutorTutorTutor
9:02 amLine 2Aspire/AssemblyLine 3Line 2Line 3
9:40 amLine 1Line 6Line 4Line 5Line 7
10:55 amBreak 1Break 1Break 1Break 1Break 1
11:30 amLine 4Line 7Line 5Line 3Line 2
12:30 pmLine 3Line 2Line 6Line 1Line 4
1:30 pmBreak 2Break 2Break 2Break 2Break 2
2:05 pmLine 5Line 1Line 7EnrichmentLine 6

Term Dates and Public Holidays

For information about Term Dates and Public Holidays please see the ACT Education and Training Directorate website at: