Supporting Your Student

Parent Teacher Meetings and Communication

Calwell High School holds Parent Teacher Meetings in Week 1 of Terms 2 and 4.

Parents are invited to Parent Teacher Evenings through a letter sent along with student progress reports.

Parents are encouraged to contact teachers, executive teachers and year co-ordinators with their questions, concerns and any information they would like use to know at any time throughout the school year.

The best communication methods are:

Email - See the Leadership team page for individual staff email addresses. Other staff emails are available from the front office upon request.

Phone - Call the front office on 6205 6833 and request to speak to the relevant staff member.

Permission Notes and Forms

Parents can support their student/s and the school by ensuring all contact and medical information is up to date at all times.

Please ensure that all permission notes and forms are completed in full and in a timely manner. Permission notes and forms assist the school in providing a safe and productive learning environment for your student/s. 

Additional copies of commonly used permission notes and forms can be found on the Forms and Factsheets page of our website.

Stationary Requirements for Students

We have found it is more cost effective for families to purchase materials from the large retail stores instead of compulsory book packs.  Below is a suggested book and equipment list that will cater for your child.

  • Exercise Book 128 page                 x 4
  • A4 Visual Art Book 120 page          x 1
  • Exercise Book 64 page                   x 1      
  • Exercise Book 48 page                   x 3
  • A4 Grid Book                                x 1
  • Coloured Pencils                            
  • HB Pencil      
  • Pens (Black, Blue, Red)                  
  • Eraser                                                
  • Glue stick                                         
  • Sharpener
  • Scissors          
  • Ruler  
  • Construction Set (Compass, Set Square, Protractor)