Restorative Practices

At Calwell, we believe in proactive problem solving techniques and foster this spirit in academic learning but also in solving relationship problems that often occur in a busy school. The process of discussing harm and resolving harmful situations is called Restorative Practice.

  • Restorative Practice involves changing the way that members of the school community relate to each other.
  • Restorative Practice involves changing relationships by engaging and valuing the contributions of staff and students.
  • Restorative Practice is a system that not only provides a high level of control, but also a high level of support.
  • Restorative Practice places responsibility on the students to give and ask for support in dealing with incidents, as well as to accept responsibility for helping to address poor behaviour within the school.
  • Restorative Practice focuses on restoring and repairing the harm that is caused by inappropriate behaviour.

How does this fit in to philosophy of the Positive Behaviour Framework at Calwell?

  • School staff remain impartial and non-judgmental when dealing with incidents within our school community
  • Active and impartial listening is at the centre of all conversations
  • Each participants play a part in development of solutions
  • The school has developed a number of individualised programs to support students through difficult times. We find solutions that work.

Incident reports focus on four questions:

  • What happened?
  • What were you thinking at the time?
  • Who has been harmed or affected?
  • What can we do to repair the harm and make things right?

As issues arise students may be encouraged to go through the Level Commitment system which assists the student with recognising their behaviour and who has or is being harmed. Through the Level Commitment System the student and teacher work together to identify areas that require change and how the teacher can support the student at making changes that will strengthen the student's capacity to learn.