Gifted and Talented Programs

At Calwell, we design teaching and learning that values and supports all our students.

We have a strong focus on providing opportunities that challenge and extend our Gifted and Talented students. Each subject builds lessons which have challenging material for students who need extension, however, if you feel that your child need additional enrichment in a specific area we encourage you to contact the subject Executive Teacher (SLC).

Science Gifted and Talented Program

Students who have shown an exemplary understanding of, or passion for, Science are strongly encouraged to apply for the Calwell High School G&T Science program.

In this program students remain in mainstream classes but are identified to their teachers as needing extension. The program provides students with the following opportunities (at a minimum):

  • A mentor within a Science field they identify as an area of interest
  • Additional after school / lunch time sessions (Terms 2 and 3)
  • Challenging options during class time
  • Entry into Science and Technology Competitions
  • Regular use of our Maker Space and Digital Hub
  • A specialised Google Classroom for students in the G&T program (across years 7-10)
  • Additional excursions
  • First access to excursions with limited spaces

To apply for a position in this program please contact the Science SLC, Pip Dimmick, on for an application form.