About Us

School Profile

Calwell High School was established in 1991 to provide innovative education and a community connection for families in the Calwell, Richardson and Theodore areas. However a number of students from different Canberra suburbs and regional New South Wales make the decision to come to Calwell to take advantage of its diverse curriculum, focus on the Arts and its strong sense of community.

The school  has a strong  and  positive reputation  in the  community  and  our school  ethos  has  been constructed around our community sense of values and expectations. These include community, respect and responsibility, care and achievement.

As a community centred high school we provide a comprehensive curriculum that is rich and diverse, including mainstream and special education. It has a balance of academic and vocational education, with additional pathways to further education training and work to meet differing student needs and aspirations.

This means providing an extensive range of Australian Curriculum, ACT Curriculum Framework and Vocational Education subjects. We have identified programs of excellence in visual and performing arts, and sport. 

Philosophical underpinnings

Our underlying principles include:

  • Outstanding education is a balance of academic, cultural, sporting and personal development endeavours.
  • Every student can learn.
  • Every student's commitment to outstanding education involves a strong work ethic, high levels of organisation and a positive attitude in all aspects of school life.
  • Staff commitment to outstanding education involves quality curriculum, purposeful pedagogy, personal mastery and timely feedback.
  • Achieving excellence involves identifying individual gifts and talents, setting personal goals, accessing all opportunities and not accepting mediocrity.
  • We celebrate success, whenever excellence is achieved, in our classrooms, across our school and within the broader community.
  • We acknowledge our heritage and diverse cultural backgrounds and traditions in our celebrations.